Hello! I am a 21 year old graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL).

I was born in England, then moved to Denmark when I was 6. After that, I moved to Singapore when I was 13. Now, I live back in England when I'm not at university. I guess you could say that I've seen a little bit of this and done a little bit of that :)

I am currently completing a 3-3 Engineering Program. Whats that you ask? Well... it means that I spent 3 wonderful years at a liberal arts college (Sewanee: The University of The South) where I will recieve a bachelor's of science degree in Mathematics, and now I am attending an Engineering school (WUSTL) for 3 years in order to recieve a bachelors of science degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Engineering Management as well!

I also love baseball. I played for my college team at Sewanee, and I also currently play for the London Mets in England and the Great Britain National Team.